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About Exporting

Whether your business is big or small, you can find new customers beyond our borders.

Raw Material Financing

From raw material to end product, we’ve got you financing covered!

We offer short-term loan/direct financing to aid in paying for inventory, raw materials, semi-finished or finished products.

Factoring and Discounting

Let us help you bridge the gap!

With our factoring and discounting solution, we’re all about bridging the gap. This financing facility helps to bridge the period between settling production costs and receipts from export sales.

Asset Financing

Helping you upgrade your assets for export growth!

Is your business in need of an equipment upgrade? Then, our asset financing is the ideal solution for you. Through asset financing, manufacturers can access funding for equipment upgrades or manufacturing facility renovations.


We help you unleash the full export ambition of your business!

EXIMBANK is an authorised Forex distributor assisting qualified, local manufacturers with their foreign exchange needs.

The X-Loan

We’ll assist you in making that export opportunity your reality!

Do not let malfunctioning or even the lack of equipment hamper your goal of exporting your products.