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About Exporting

Whether your business is big or small, you can find new customers beyond our borders.

Where are you in your export journey?

Whether you’re exporting a product or service we have what it takes to help you succeed

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Planning for exports

Businesses of all sizes are finding success by growing their customer base and finding new opportunities internationally. Develop an Export Strategy to help guide your company to success.

Build an export plan

Your export plan is an extension of your business plan. Discover how to map a strategy to find new customers and partners internationally, be competitive and access the skilled talent you need to grow your business with our Export Plan Template.

Identify target markets

Perform market research and pinpoint the best country for your business by identifying opportunities and understanding where your product or service is in demand.

Finding customers

Consult with government agencies, trade associations, subject matter experts, brokers and other exporters to help you determine what your international customers need.

Entering target markets

Finding your place in a new market is about deciding on the best timing and finding the right partners. Choose the best market-entry options for your business.

  • Sell Directly
  • Use a Distribution Network
  • Setup an International Office


Identify finance requirements

Financial products fuel your international growth. Discover how the EXIMBANK can provide financial information on trade finance services, competitive payment terms and leverage your accounts receivable to ensure your sales can put you in a more competitive position.

Managing risk

Get insights into political, financial, economic and business risk so you can take steps to protect yourself from non-payment.

Sustaining growth

Understand how you can build on your exporting success, grow your business through direct investment, establish an in-market presence and develop a solid international network.

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